DeWolff Vaultinghorses

DeWolff Vaultinghorses is a business that focusses on the equestrian sport “vaulting”. The business is situatied in The Netherlands in a town named Oldekerk at the facility of stud farm ‘t Oosterzand. DWV can be broken down into the following:

Trading – DWV mainly focusses on training/schooling  horses to be sold for vaulting. Some horses are sold as prospects that will continue their training at home, yet others are complete their training with us and gain experience in competition. We usually export our horses to European countries but also export to America.

Purchasing – We are constantly in search of adequate horses that are for sale. If you own a horse and believe it to be fit for vaulting? Please contact us.

Training – Besides our horse training program we also train vaulters that compete on national and even international levels. Nienke has her ORUN level 4 which qualifies her to teach on the highest level. Even international vaulters often stay over for training and we are always glad to have them.

Competition – Our vaulters and horses compete regularly both nationally and internationally. At CVI’s international vaulters can rent one of our horses as well.